Hey there, just a quick question in regards to a item in the September PC World - a query for Jamie Smith about a password box being greyed out. A suggested answer was the client for Microsoft networks may have been removed and that it should be reinstalled from the Windows 95 CD. When the box came up one should leave the name and password boxes empty and click OK. My problem was similar in that I pressed escape the first time I was presented with the box and had it pop up every time I loaded windows thereafter.

Using the new found wisdom from the article I removed the Microsoft Client then reinstalled it with the intention of not pressing escape. Unfortunately once I started up again after, I was presented with the same box that, by default, had my name in it already, so I deleted the name and clicked OK. Upon which it prompted me to type in a name, so I did that and clicked OK, and of course it prompted me for a password. Finally out of desperation I clicked CANCEL ? the equivalent of escape! So if anyone could shine a little light on my problem it would be greatly appreciated.


Paul Morrison.