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    Default the 'DOH Forgot To Re-Register The Domain Name News '

    More nifty programs to download. This one is called Empty Temp Folders, with the click of a mouse, you can empty temp, cookie, recycle bin, temp internet folders and any folder at all you want to add. Here's a bit more of a description from the homepage <>:
    Empty Temp Folders (emptemp) helps you manage folders that contain temporary files, left over by other applications. It's easy to add any folder and you can empty a folder (or all folders) with one click.

    Also emptemp will let you list and delete cookies, history files and temporary internet files (this requires MS Internet Explorer version 5+).

    Emptemp also has a search function to let you find and delete temporary files outside the normal temp folders. Any program can leave behind temporary files or backup files anywhere on your harddisk. These files have file types like .tmp, .bak, .old and .log. You can add your own file types.

    Emptemp also displays the amount of memory the content of the clipboard takes up, and lets you delete it. And it can find broken shortcuts (.lnk files) on your harddisk, so you can delete or fix them.
    Grab it here <> if it sounds like the sort of program for you.

    AMD have released their first Thoroughbred Athlon XP processor, the 2200+. Here's a cut from the official press release:
    'SUNNYVALE, CA ? JUNE 10, 2002 ? AMD (NYSE: AMD) today introduced the AMD Athlon? XP processor 2200+ with QuantiSpeed? architecture?the first AMD desktop processor based on its 0.13 micron process technology. The new AMD Athlon XP processor 2200+ delivers improved performance, lower power and a smaller die size while maintaining a stable, compatible Socket A infrastructure.'
    Check out the full press release here <>, and naturally here are all the reviews:
    - AMDZone <>
    - Tech Report <>
    - Active Hardware <>
    - Extremetech <,00.asp>
    - AthlonXp <>
    - HotHardware <>
    - Anandtech <>
    - Lost Circuits <>

    ZDNet <> have a news post reporting that Microsoft are set to begin the removal or disabling of features provided by old, insufficiently tested code in Windows and their other software if there are problems which cause security issues. Here's more on what ZDNet <> have written:
    The director of security assurance for the software giant has claimed: ?A lot of the (coming) design changes are to remove this feature or turn that one off by default? and he also went on to say: ?Do we think that things will be retired more quickly? Sure?. An example of this type of action is with the change being considered to automatically disable the gopher protocol in the upcoming Windows XP SP1, which been proven as a security risk (see this <> article).

    Since the security cleanse began they haven?t managed to uncover more security holes than usual, with a total of 30 being found so far - the same number found in that time period last year. Before the advent of Windows XP Microsoft have been saying that they will sacrifice features and compatibility for security but the recent security issues have meant that there is more code which requires removal from the 50 million lines which form Windows than they expected.

    Marc Maiffret, from eEye Digital Security, speaking to ZDNet claimed ?that programmers who don't review the code before using it are at fault? and he also said ?there is no problem in having backwards compatibility, except when there is a flaw in it?.

    Now with the rapid development of features and those included in Windows XP, you have to be sceptical as to which ?old? feature (or new one for that matter) will be found to have serious vulnerabilities next. At least there is a realisation of a problem and measures are in places that could help root out the security issues that have plagued Windows users in recent times.
    You can read the whole article over at ZDNet <,,t26...65,00.html>.

    Microsoft has posted some new Windows XP updates, both through the WindowsUpdate facility and via their respective KB web pages. The updates are:
    .NET Framework ASP.NET Session State Security Hotfix: When working with Microsoft ASP.NET, a component of the Microsoft .NET Framework provides for session state management through a variety of modes. One such mode, called StateServer, stores session state information in a separate running process that can run on either the same machine as the ASP.NET-based application or on a different machine. An unchecked buffer in one of the routines handles the processing of cookies in StateServer mode, resulting in a security vulnerability. Download <>
    Windows XP Patch: Windows Management Instrumentation Cannot Register Permanent Event Consumer with Dynamic Classes: This update addresses the 'Windows Management Instrumentation Cannot Register Permanent Event Consumer with Dynamic Class' issue in Windows XP, and is discussed in Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) Article Q319322. Download now to allow registration of permanent consumers. Download <>
    Windows XP Patch: WMI AccessCheck Receives Local Administrator's SID: This update addresses the 'WMI AccessCheck Receives Local Administrator's SID' issue in Windows XP, and is discussed in Microsoft Knowledge Base (KB) Article Q320678. Download now to avoid using the Administrator SID with WMI AccessCheck Method. Download <>
    Platform SDK Redistributable: COM+ Java Runtime Support: This download contains the redistributable files for the COM+ Java Runtime support. Download <>

    WinMx version 3.11 BETA 1 has been released. The new beta has the following changes:
    corrected major bug that caused crashes when # of total uploads (dead or running) + download connections + OpenNap servers + channel connections >= 1024
    major re-write of all bandwidth throttle code, old version was allowing outgoing UDP packets to violate bandwidth throttle, which then causes other problems for users with primary connections, especially ADSL users with limited outgoing bandwidth
    major re-write of channel redirect code, however it hasn't been tested under real-world conditions yet
    bandwidth graph paint code has been greatly streamlined, was taking too much CPU time
    dangerous filetype warning suppress should work now
    bandwidth throttle now has adjustable resolution (and defaults to 200ms instead of 100ms in v3.1 )
    master window second row buttons will now always show in appropriate mode, even if channels and searches are undocked
    secondary connection can be cycled without losing channel connections (click the 'Make Secondary Connection' radio button, and your current connection will be disconnected and WinMX will find a new one.)
    several other minor bug fixes
    Download Here <>.

    Motherboard Monitor has been released with these changes:
    Changes from MBM to
    Using new Shared memory structure, this means that programs using the MBM SM will need to be updated
    32 Temperatures are now supported
    16 Voltages are now supported (voltage 1-7 are fixed) those above can be set to custom or any other voltage if those are detected
    16 Fans are now supported
    Detection of Asus SmartDoctor 2.x being installed which allowes readout of Asus Geforce cards via MBM
    Added advanced features (startup delay, temp based on fan speed, smbus scan range), see help file for details
    Asus P4B533 supported
    Extra sub voltage for Winbond HF
    Option to turn of the alarm beep
    2 tone alarm beep via PC speaker
    added to OSD syntax
    Support for the 2N3904 diode type on certain winbond sensor chips
    Dashboard X&Y are saved per user

    Issues fixed from MBM to
    XP fast user switch issue resolved
    Temperature 10 not showing correct in tray
    Fan dividor not being set correctly in certain rare cases
    Custom option not appearing in temperature list

    Issues fixed from MBM to
    MBM going into Pause mode when Windows XP goes into Screensave & lock mode
    Download Motherboard Monitor <>

    It seems that DivX players are popping up everywhere and now it seems there are players for the Xbox. The first has popped up and works on Xtender chipped Xbox's. The player is not yet finished, but it shows that the Xbox is perfectly capable of playing back DIVX movies and that full-feature DIVX players will be out very soon. The current limitations are no sound, the video runs too fast, and is garbled after looping. Check out some screenshtos and a demo avi at lik sang <>.

    The Tech Report <> has posted a news item on apparent issues with nForce boards using a PCI disk controller trying to write to some devices. They seem to suffer a performance loss. Read more here <>.

    Activision has released some screenies of the Game of the Year Edition <> for Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The shots show off four of the new multiplayer maps that will be included, two of which are reworkings of single-player maps in the full game. Here's what Activision had to say about the GOTY edition:
    The GotY edition will contain 7 new multiplayer maps not on the original retail CD -- Trenchtoast, Tram Siege, Ice, Chateau, Keep, The Damned, and Rocket. Chateau, Keep, The Damned, and Rocket are brand new maps not released yet, but those will be available in a GotY Map Pack we'll be releasing this week. The GotY edition will also contain a few extra goodies like concept art, wallpapers and more.

    Valve Software has confirmed the release of new patches for Half-Life and Counter-Strike this Wednesday at 2:00 PM US EDT or around 7:00 AM Oz time. Here's the scoopon what's included:
    New client and server updates for Half-Life and Counter-Strike (Half-Life and C.S. 1.5) will be released this week. Both updates include the Ricochet Mod, phase two of the recently introduced anti-cheat technology, a new Counter-Strike map (de_piranesi), as well as various fixes and tweaks. Server files will be released to the public Tuesday evening. Client files will be released for download Wednesday morning at 11:00 a.m. PST, at which point Steam clients will be updated automatically.

    In readiness for the patch release tomorrow, Valve Software has released dedicated Windows and Linux server files. Here are the links:
    - Win32 to upgrade <> (7.3MB)
    - Win32 full install <> (117.0 MB)
    - Linux to upgrade <> (6.6 MB)
    - Linux full install <> (115.3 MB)

    nVidia has released new version 29.42 Detonator XP reference drivers for all operating systems. Not sure what is new with these drivers but once again they are all WHQL certified. Here are the links:
    Windows 95/98/Me <>- Windows XP/2000 <>
    - Windows NT <>

    Qtracker <>version 3.3 is out. Qtracker is a server browsing utility which also serves as a server launcher, MP3 streaming audio browser, HTML server list generator and Remote Administration tool. The new release offers bug-fixes and a load of new and enhanced features, including region support, a QtUplink heartbeat program, and support for C&C: Renegade, Op Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis, The Sum of All Fears, updated Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix, and more. Get it here <>.

    Palm Inc. has released Palm OS 5 which they hope will entice new hardware and programmers into including it in their new models to give them greater ability to play music and video and link to wireless networks, and also enjoy longer battery life and tougher security features. Read more at Slashdot <>.

    ZoneAlarm 3.1 Public Beta is out with the following incentives for those that sign up:
    As a ZoneAlarm 3.1 beta tester, you are helping to ensure each new version of ZoneAlarm holds up to its reputation & promise of ironclad security for all users.
    Beta testers who actively test ZoneAlarm & provide feedback will join our elite group of Zone Labs Beta testers. Elite testers are always the first to be notified of alpha- & beta- tests of new products. They are eligible to test in private, small groups. & they are always kept up-to-date with the latest version of ZoneAlarm Pro, free of charge, for as long as they remain active beta testers.
    All official Beta testers who submit REPRODUCIBLE bugs are entered into a raffle. In June, 2 entrants will be chosen at random, & each will receive a $500 gift certificate from
    Download it here <> but be warned this is BETA

    Techspot (AKA 3D Spotlight) has updated it's comprehensive Soundcard and Speakers tweak guide <> that has some minor changes plus the inclusion of Creative's Extigy soundcard.

    The Register <> is reporting that piraters have already started racing on ways to beat the protection built into Windows XP SP1. Read a bit below:
    Here we go again? Shortly after the beta of WinXP Service Pack 1 was released, locking out installations using leaked activation keys, a workaround with what appears to be a replacement key began circulating on.......
    You can check out the whole article here <>.

    Following the article above have posted an article on Changing the Product Key In Windows XP Pro <> which explains exactly how to change your product key in Windows XP Pro. This could be useful if you have problems installing service pack 1.

    WinDVD Tweaker, the Free program designed to allow users of the WinDVD playback software to enable some hidden settings version 3.4 is out with these changes:
    Updated the fix errors feature. Now it will fix common audio problems better
    Fixed issues of ability to change settings being disabled in Windows XP
    Added purchase WinDVD page where you can buy WinDVD Plus and support WinDVD Tweaker by doing so
    Fixed restore default skin button
    Fixed all problems with saving settings while working in Windows XP2K
    Fixed some XPack problems saving settings in Windows XP.
    Get it here <>.

    There's an updated version of MSN Messenger available for download that includes the patch for the unchecked buffer in chat control. The changes are:
    Unchecked Buffer in Gopher Protocol Handler Can Run Code of Attacker's Choice (Q323889) <>
    Unchecked Buffer in MSN Chat Control Can Lead to Code Execution (Q321661) <>
    Get it from the following links:
    - MSN Messenger for Windows <> (not XP)
    - Windows Messenger for Windows XP <> (SP1 beta includes newer 4.7)
    - MSN Messenger for Exchange 2000 <>

    There are new versions of CPU-Idle 6 and CpuIdle Pro 6 Alpha Test Version out for download. The new versions include the following:
    -added support for VIA KT333 chipset
    -added support for SiS 735/745 chipset
    -added Windows XP Style support
    -when CpuIdle is started twice no error message will be.
    -displayed, but the first instance will be brought up (ie. for use with the 'Hide' feature)
    -added support for latest MBM 5.1
    Grab em from here <>.

    RAM Idle Professional version 2.0 Final is out. RAM Idle Pro is a smart memory management program that will keep your computer running more efficiently, faster, and longer. RAM Idle works by freeing up physical RAM wasted by Windows and other applications. RAM Idle also includes a Cache and startup manager program that will give you more power to optimize your Windows. Version 2.0 includes these new features:
    -Added full compatibility for Windows 95/98/ME.
    -Improved the RAM Idle engine.
    -Improved the Cache Optimizer tool.
    -Improved the Create Shortcut tool.
    -Added more tweaks in Cache/Tweak section.
    -Better help system.
    Download here <>.

    Have you been having problems with your Nvidia nForce PCI writes? If the answer is yes! then have the answers for you. Here's a bit on the background from Tech-Report:
    Last week, we revealed the possibility that NVIDIA's nForce chipset may have a problem with PCI writes. We weren't sure at the time what exactly was the cause, so we turned to you for results. We also checked with MSI and NVIDIA to get their input on the matter. Now we have some answers.

    Your testing results provided a clear pattern. Regardless of processor, OS, adapter, or hard drive differences, the MSI K7N420 Pro would not write data any faster than 20MB/s. Meanwhile, the Asus A7N266 series posted numbers down in the 3MB/s range. However, A7N results also proved that the newest beta BIOS resolved these PCI writes problems. Abit and Leadtek results stayed elusive until the last minute, but you guys came through with scores in the 61MB/s and 58MB/s range, showing that these boards are unaffected by the PCI writes problem. With those results in hand, it was beginning to look more and more like a BIOS issue?that the culprit was more Darth MSI than Darth NVIDIA!
    For the Full story and the Bios Downloads, hop on over to Tech-report <>.

    Mark Rein from Epic Games has posted a response to the leaked demo of the UT2003 demo that has been popping up on FTP servers around the net. Here's what he had to say:
    Leaked early test version of UT2003 is floating around the internet. It is not representative of the quality or performance of the final game. Infogrames' job in situations like these is to go after the people who are leaking or passing-along this version. They also need to suppress conversations about the leaked version on web forums to avoid pointing at it and tempting innocent people, who normally don't traffic in stolen software, to download it to find out what people are talking about. Their duty to their shareholders is to protect the value and marketability of their products to the fullest extent possible. They HAVE to do that, they're a public company and their shareholders would expect no less because Infogrames is invests a lot of money to bring games like UT2003 to the marketplace.

    I wanted to address a few of related comments I saw on this forum.

    The demo was supposed to come out on date 'X'. This is just wrong. I think the closest we came to guessing (and yes, it was still just a guess) was that the demo would be out around the end of E3 or a few weeks after that. So far we're still 'a few weeks after' E3 and working furiously to get the demo out as soon as possible. There are few big things we're still tinkering with such as the server browser. To put the demo out with an unfinished server browser would be foolish because we wouldn't get the all-important feedback on exactly what needs to be done for the server browser and you'd have a tough time finding decent servers that are playing the levels / maps / gametypes / rules / etc. that you want to play. We're also still continuing to optimize the performance of the engine, AI and maps and do a lot of other little things. The point of the demo (or test if you will) is to put it out when we think we've nailed just about everything (except maybe a few remaining map issues because only the maps in the demo need to be in absolute final shape) so that the feedback we get isn't about a bunch of stuff we already knew needed to changed or improved. I'm bothered by posts that say we let people down because we didn't ship the demo on some hypothetical date made up by rumor-mongers and using that as an excuse to justify piracy or slander us. That's really cruel and unjustified.
    For the full message here <> and look at some screenies of the leaked demo here <>.

    Morpheus version 1.9 has been unleashed for download. This new edition of Morpheus utilizes open protocols established by the Gnutella developers, and enables users to directly communicate with each other and search for any type of digital file across the network. You can download it from this <> link.

    Asus Germany has released new BIOS for the following motherboards:
    Bios P4B533 - Series ( i845e ) 1007 - 04 Beta <>
    Bios P4S533 1008 - 03 Beta <>
    Bios P4S333 1007 - 02 Beta <>
    Bios P4S333-VM 1006 - 06 Beta <>
    Bios P4B266 / P4B266-SE 1007 - 04 Beta <>
    Bios A7N266-VM 1003 - 02 <>

    Hardware reviews:
    Abit KX7-333R Motherboard on Maximum3D <>.
    Antec TruePower 330 Watt PSU on Mikhailtech <>.
    ASUS P4S533 Motherboard on PC PowerZone <>.
    Enermax CS-5190AL-061 Case on <>.
    GSM20 5.1 Speakers on BurnOutPc <>.
    Intel D845GBV Motherboard on <>.
    Lian-Li Pc60 Aluminium Case on <>.
    Q Technology Ultra-Quiet PSU on 3dXtreme <>.
    SOYO KT333 Dragon Ultra Motherboard Review on TechnoYard <>.
    Tweakmonster BGA RAMsinks on EXHardware <>.
    XFX GeForce4 Ti4200 Video Card on Gaming Illustrated <>.
    Abit KX7-333R KT333 Motherboard on TweakTown <>.
    Beav's Soldam MT2200+ Case on ProCooling.Com <>.
    Coolermaster ATC-210-VX2 Case on NeoSeeker <>.
    Fortis A102 'Pro' CPU Cooler on Overclocked Cafe <>.
    Inno3d GeForce 4 Ti4400 and Ti4600 Video Card on <>.
    Jazz J9940 5.1 Speakers on <>.
    MSI KT333 Ultra-ARU Motherboard on hARDWAREMANIA <>.
    Samsung SW-232B CD-RW on Envy News <>.
    Soyo Radeon 8500 Video Card on AMDZone <>.
    VIA VPSD P4PB-UR Motherboard on <>.
    ABIT AT7 Motherboard on The Tech Zone <>.
    ABIT NV7-133R Motherboard on EXHardware <>.
    AMD Athlon XP2200+ CPU on Digit-Life <>, Gamers Depot <>, Sharky Extreme <>, SourceMagazine <>, and VIAHardware <>.
    Epox 8K3A+ Motherboard on Viper's Lair <>.
    Lian Li PC-39A Aluminum Case on Tweakers Australia <>.
    Samsung SP4002H SpintPoint P40 Hard Drive on <>.
    Soyo Radeon 8500LE-D Video Card on VIAHardware <>.

    thx monty

    sorry its late but ozquake was offair due to no domain name......opps ;-)

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    LOL Not quite as purty here, is it tweak'e? ;-)

    'Tis a wee improvement in View mode though.

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