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    Default Cursor no longer flying window waiting for link

    I used to get this little flying window when I clicked my cursor on a link and the site was taking a while to arrive on my screen. At the time it seemed like Msoft brand recognition indoctrination *lol*, but since I got Windows reinstalled and some settings changed it is not there any more - and I miss it. Now I can't be sure if I clicked on a link successfully. How do I get it (or some other indicator that little packets are flying to and fro) back on my cursor, please?

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    Default Re: Cursor no longer flying window waiting for link

    Go to START select settings then select control panel then select mouse then select pointers and select the scheme [choose from the drop down menu what you would like it to look like] and also select 'working in background'
    If you dislike the flying window brand you can even have a dinsoaur, banana or a barbershop roatating drum..whatever you like
    Hope that helps
    C ya

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