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    Default useing cab files from system backup

    hi i deleted two files from our profiles im sure they were user dat and user pak now i have no separate profiles and folders ect are missing i need to know how to use the files in system backup to restore computer files to where they were a couple of days ago is this possible ??
    thanks in eager anticipation

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    I'm afraid you comitted the big NO NO! in using Windows. The USER.DAT file contains your system registry. There is no way of restoring the file back to its original form, as it changes everytime you change a setting/install a program etc. on your computer. You'll probably find that some of your programs also don't work as normal either, now that their registry settings are gone.

    I think perhaps the only way of really fixing your problem is to reinstall Win98 and all your software again.

    Now that I think of it though, user.dat should probably have been listed as a system file, and should have warned you before you deleted it.


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