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    I have two computers. one runs win me the other win 98. i'v set up internet connection sharing on the one running windows me, but i can't get the second computer to see/talk/ring through to be able to access the internet. Both are connected by two network cards and crossover cable, and have no problem seeing each other on the network.What can i do????

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    On the Win98 machine you setup internet explorer in the LAN settings and you point it to the other computer on port 8080 I think.

    I am not sure as I stopped using MS's ICS and used WinProxy instead.

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    Try this:

    Look at the network properties of the WinME PC and get the IP address of the network card.

    On the Win98 PC go to the network properties and check that it has an IP address (Usually 192.168.0.x - where x is a different number to the WinME PC). Subnet mask should be on both PC's.
    Then goto the Gateway tab and put in the IP address of the WinME PC.
    And do the same on the DNS tab.
    Then goto Internet properties in the control panel, on the Win98 PC. On the connections tab make sure that it is set to never dial a connection (it will be greyed out if there are no dial-up accounts setup). On the Lan settings make sure nothing is ticked.

    Restart the PC's if asked to at any stage.

    Hope this helps!

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