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    I have just had a new writer installed .
    Should it be possible when using the cdr facility to add to a cd at different times eg two tracks today three tomorrow etc?

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    Yup! Sure thing, Depending on what software you use (Nero 5.5 is Best) then it will be setup differently, But if u use Nero InCD then insert a re-writable into the drive and it'll format it so you can use it like a giant floppy drive.
    If you're using something else, just make sure not to Finish or Finalize the CD, Close session but not CD!!
    Nero and Nero InCD are available from
    Hope that Helps

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    Hello Rick,

    To store music on a cdr over time, the disc is formatted for data. This cant played on anything other your computer.

    If you burn a music cdr, these close at the end of the session, irrsipective of how many tracks there are, and cant to my knowledge be opened again. these can be played on your stereo etc.

    Usually your software will give these options,
    good luck,

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