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    Default LS120 and Zip drive

    I recently replaced an LS120 drive with a Zip drive and my computer would no longer start. I thought it was the power supply, but after removing the various drives and then reconnecting them I was able to start up again. Is this a bios problem?
    I have a Gigabyte GA-6BXC Rev 1.7 motherboard.
    Any ideas?


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    Default Re: LS120 and Zip drive

    Is the Zip drive connected to an IDE controller, or is it connected to a floppy drive controller? If the latter, then that will be the cause of the problem. You need to couple it on to one of your IDE channels.

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    Default Re: LS120 and Zip drive

    It is connected to an IDE controller.

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    Default Re: LS120 and Zip drive

    i'm not to familar with ls120's but check that you have removed it from the bios otherwise the pc may hang as its looking for it at start up.

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    Default Re: LS120 and Zip drive

    So lets just get this...

    You removed the LS 120 drive..

    Added a zip 100 in its place....

    Did you add a floppy drive as well?? or did you already have one??

    Its just the 120's can act as a normal floppy as well, so normally when one is fitted there is no floppy drive installed.

    So if you removed it then your computer would be looking for a floppy drive that wasnt there......of course if you have a seperate floppy drive then that throws this theory out the window.........

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    Default Re: LS120 and Zip drive

    LS120 I use to own connected to the IDE cable,all you had to to do was set the jumpers correctly (EG:Slave) & there was no need to enter bios as it was automaticly detected.Same applied when It was removed.
    Perhaps you have to set jumpers on the zip drive the same? (assuming zip drive has jumpers?)
    cheers Steve

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    Default Re: LS120 and Zip drive

    I also have a floppy drive installed so, sorry, theory out the window.
    I believe it's a bios problem.

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