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    Default recycle bin is a quarantine?

    Is it? I mean if you stick a suspected virus in there it can't access out to your machine. Is the bin really 'cut off'? If so be handy to create another to put suspect stuff until you delete/restore it instead of like I have put some suspect in there and deleted it accidentally while trying to be tidy.

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    Default Re: recycle bin is a quarantine?

    Cause 4 thought, marko. Too obvious, simple or can find out 4 yourself? Come on people, givus some feedback even if it's one of the above.

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    Default Re: recycle bin is a quarantine?

    Back in the days of DOS when you deleted a file it kind of got deleted.

    This was slightly stressful when it was unintentional. Like when my brother-in-law typed del *.* and hit Enter - just as he realised he was in the root directory rather than the sub-directory he thought he was in.

    (You could always tell when people did this. First there was a stunned silence. Then they turned white).

    Although files weren't actually deleted - the first character in the file name was changed to somthing else (a $ I think) you had to be fast off the mark to recover it as the next save operation could overwrite a file.

    Obviously the people at Microsoft had also gone through the 'Oh Bother! What a Big Mistake' scenario as first they created a restore function (which you had to enable before deleting the files) then the recycle bin (which came enabled).

    The recycle bin thus came into being as a second chance folder rather than a place to deliberately put things whilst you think about it.

    If you're worried about viruses Norton comes with a quarantine bin for suspect viruses. If you're looking for a 'Shall I keep it, shall I get rid of it?' folder - make one.

    I personally have a folder called 'Temp' in My Documents for trialling things. Every so often I go through it to see if it contains anything still relevant. If not it goes off to be recycled.

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