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    Default Is F1 Sending ads???

    Ran Adaware. It found a cookie called Doubleclick.Deleted it. opened F1 then ran Adaware again. Cookie was back.
    The path for the cookie was C:\ WINDOWS\Cookies\[1].txt
    There are other cookies in there from sites I know.Why does adaware pick up only that one. Should I add it to the ignore list.

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    Default Re: Is F1 Sending ads???

    Yes, is called when you are on PressF1.

    I see it in error messages ...

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    Default Re: Is F1 Sending ads???

    Who cares..... I love ads

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    Default Re: Is F1 Sending ads???

    the adds for pressf1 come from doubleclick. unfortunatly doubleclick use the cookies to track your browseing which is why adaware finds it.

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    Default Re: Is F1 Sending ads???

    I believe it is used to track advertising, which helps pay the bills.

    It also means you get the impact of annoying little iPaqs. Those that don't allow it in get more iPaqs.

    It isn't strictly SPYWARE, but is used for ad placement for browsers. They aren't always trying to sell us viagra, anatomy enlargers, or weight loss programs.


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    Default Re: Is F1 Sending ads???

    Hi Col Pol,

    If you want to see where all your Cookies are coming from,run 'Bugnosis' for a couple of days(any more than 2 will send you around the bend),while you are surfing.

    PressF1 has at least 1 'Web-bug'
    on every page,as do 90% of Web-sites!

    You can D/Load it from


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    Default Re: Is F1 Sending ads???

    Just to confirm -

    Yes does use DoubleClick to serve ads on web pages (including PressF1). Add yes DoubleClick does use cookies. These cookies are used because http is inherently what is termed a 'connectionless' protocol - which makes it very difficult to ascertain whether when someone visits that they have visited before. Why would we want to do this? Because frequently we want to limit the number of times a particular ad is shown to you - it's called frequency capping.

    Be aware that these cookies do not identify you as an individual - just as an anonymous 'somone' who has visited the site before. Also, this information is not provided to anyone else and is used solely for the purposes of servinf advertisements (we - that is IDG - does not even access this data ... it is used by DoubleClick's ad server only).

    Hope this helps clarify what the cookies are and what they are used for?


    Mark Evans
    Business Manager Online

    IDG Communications NZ Ltd

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