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    ok time for a little bit of company bashing........mayby ;-)

    what do you think of thier latest deals? from what i've seen not to bad speed for $$$.

    just had a quick look at one today. parts seem ok (ecs ddr mobo,geforce2mx400) however the biggest concern i have is the heat. sorry but 41 cpu 34 case at idle in winter ???? it seems someones botched the thermals. just wondering if anyone has any nifty fixes that don't involve replacing the case. fan optoins are seriously limited, only a front fan mount with the fan braket missing :-(

    anyone had any success with the cpu fans running upside down??

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    About the only real prob I have discovered with the PC company computers is a lack of air flow.......their cases are just too damn crampt.....

    Option A: Try some case slot fans(tend to be noisy and not move that much air).

    Option B: Larger HSF

    Option C: Arctic Silver (but thats only worth a couple of degrees)

    Option D: Try to tidy up the inside and improve the airflow.

    Option E: You can get ducts that shroud the CPU HSF and draw the air in from outside, semi isolating the CPU from the rest of the internals.

    Option F: (My Pick) Get a new descent case and sell off the old one to recoupe the money......

    Depends if whoever you are looking at it for cares that is a bit hot for winter though.

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    On a slightly parallel track, I cant understand why the company persist in using such a stupid case where the floppy drive is so recessed that if the disk doesnt come out first time, its virtualy impossible to get it out with fingers. Hence the comments previously about using pliers.

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    A: to noisy for amont of airflow and airflow won't be in the right direction/position.

    B: heatsink is big enough but it has a low profile fan. can't fit bigger fan as it will hit the PSU. also a big problem is the PSU sucks the cool air away from the heatsink fan(ie fights against the HSF)


    D:case is fairly tidy (clap clap pc comp)

    E: simply no room.

    F: the ultaimate solution however whats the odds of the cust wanting to pay for a new case for a 2 day old pc which will most likly void his warranty?.

    'Depends if whoever you are looking at it for cares that much' pefectly put. i don't normally get asked untill summer when the pc starts crashing.

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    Lol yes!

    One of my friend's parents (who has large fingers) actually got their finger stuck in the floppy drive!

    They had to push the plastic back around the edges of the drive, but it has so much re-inforcing that they literally bashed up the front of it. :0

    I didn't like the construction of their PC either, it ran at 65 degrees and upwards (Athlon 1400 in summer). Seeing as they had bashed up their case they figured they had voided the warranty anyway, so we took a look inside only to find a big mesh of hot glue and bits of string!

    Definately a company to be avoided!


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    Went nuts with an IBM PC GL300 recently with same problem with the floppy, I'm with Terry.

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