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    Default system files in Temp. files

    Cleaning out temp. internet files I get the message XYZ is a system file (with 'show all files' enabled). What are system files doing in there? How did they get there and is it OK to delete them? I am assuming they are duplicates. Thanks.

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    What Windows is trying to tell you (in its own unique way) is that the file has a system file attribute (not actually a windows system file). You can check this by right clicking the file and selecting properties. It is most likely been left from the installation of a previous program. My suggestion would be to move the file to another folder for a couple of days and if no problems arise then assume that the files are safe to delete.

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    Default Re: system files in Temp. files

    hey tristan thanks a lot. I'll do just that. Been puzzling me for a while and now I have a lead.

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