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    Default Regular backups via CD Writer

    The need is very simple, yet no one (even the major vendors) seem to have an answer. I want to do a regular backup to CD-R or CD-RW of the PC Data. ie; My Documents, accounting data file & Outlook Express message folders.

    Once a week, or even monthly, the entire contents (300mb approx) of these folders should be backed up, but each day just the changed files. Ideally I'd have an icon for the two backup jobs that could simply be run from the desktop.

    The CD writer comes with Nero which is good for burning, but does not lend itself well to the type of backup I want. Asking around, few CD Writers appear to come with ANY backup software. I'd be interested to hear from anyone else that has done this and how? The OS is Windows 98.

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    Default Re: Regular backups via CD Writer

    Windows 98 should have windows backup available.
    I can't remember if the option to choose differential backup is in there.
    Instead of backing up to a tape - back up to a file. Make a batch file to zip the files
    Use nero manually to backup the normal and differential backups
    Use scheduler to automate as much as you can.

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    Default Re: Regular backups via CD Writer

    Hi Steve, this proggy is good. I have tried it and it didn't let me down although once you use a CD-RW disk in this proggy you can't use with Direct CD unless formatted again. I can email this proggy to you if you like. I am not 100% sure if the one I have is W98 compat however I know from the site that there is a W9* one you can download a trial version. Let me know.

    Backup NOW! is a backup program for use with the CD-Recordable (CD-R)
    or CD-ReWritable (CD-RW) drives. It is a powerful yet simple program
    to productively create scheduled backups of crucial, selected data
    from one drive to a CD-R or CD-RW disc in three simple steps, without
    requiring the multiple hours of learning that Backup Software usually entails.

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    Default Re: Regular backups via CD Writer

    I got this months PCW in the post yesterday, and there is an article in there that reviews a couple of backup progs with ideas on how to do it.

    It's on page 95, with the info you'll be interested in on the bottom of page 97, all of page p98 and see pg105 for disk imaging options.

    Hope this points you in the right direction.

    You could also always get a copy of winRAR or even winZIP, set up an archive, and update the archive regularly and burn that to CD, that's what I do for that sort of thing.

    G P

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    Default Re: Regular backups via CD Writer

    Backup MYPC is a commercial package using the Veritas Backupexec engine.

    It can be downloaded from and a trial period is offered.

    I have found this to be very easy to use, full featured and reliable. Well worth the asking price.

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