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    Default Is Telecom holding back bandwidth ?

    Why is the internet so slow during the day, but fast in the early hours till say 7 am ? Is there a lack of swtiching gear or is Telecom not supplying us with enough bandwith ?
    I am not up with the technology in this area, but the internet is very tedious to use during the day, eg chekcing my bank account or surfing is very painful on my 56K modem, yet at 7 am in the morning it is great !
    Surely, we should be able to use the net at a reasonable speed anytime we wish.

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    Default Re: Is Telecom holding back bandwidth ?

    I don't really know if it's holding back so to speak, rather because there's a heck of a lot more people on during the day than in the morning it's not hard to see that it's going to be slower. In terms of holding back, it's rather that they have a set amount of lines theres which can hold a set amount of users at one time, the more users on each line, the slower things run. If you really need faster internet go for Jetstream (Jetstart's all gone...<sad> ), because Jetstream is Xtras way of saying 'give us more money an we'll give you a product that actually works' of course they have toned it down now so you get less for your buck. Bottom line is: You get what you pay for, and for us 56Ker's that's just how it is.

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    Default Re: Is Telecom holding back bandwidth ?

    Thanks for the response. I understand what you you say about Jetstream, but I cannot afford it and am also worried about the horrendous charges people seem to run up (see articles in PC World). My point is I am reasonably happy with my 56K speed at 6 am in the morning so why can't it work like that all day ? I dont think it is to do with 'lines' as you say because I can log on OK, it is just the speed at which data comes down (upload speed is great) so that seems to me bandwidth and Telecom put in that big new cable of which they are using only about 10%. Or is is their infrastucture here in NZ that lets things down ?

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    Default Re: Is Telecom holding back bandwidth ?

    Your right, telecon are holding back, they have enough lines (they are after all telecon)to support all you lot dialing in, BUT they dont have the bandwidth, ie: haven't ordered a big enough cut of the southern cross cables to meet thier needs as an ISP.

    I'm on a cable modem in CHCH, Powered by telstra-clear, it uses Telstras fibre all the way round the country, and all the way to my gate, It runs at the speed it should, which is a humble 128kb/sec.

    Having a rather black sense of humour, i used to get much amusement from those of you constantly complaining about dial-up not being stable, and limited in it's speed, even DSL users were moaning about instability, no-go, and sad performance. Trouble is, theres been so much of it, that i'm no longer laughing, the joke has simply worn too thin.

    Moan like never before, loudly and publicly.. but when telecon don't get thier act together, i suggest you check out cable, intranet, walkerwireless. You might need to rearrange your finances, Do you really need to eat???
    Ok i'm getting silly.. But telecon need a good hard kick up the recharge socket, and it is only people leaving them that will get them to give service.

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    Default Re: Is Telecom holding back bandwidth ?

    Chris, you have confirmed my suspision, the problem is Telecom is not giving us the bandwidth that is available. I will certainly be writing to them, my ISP and Paul Swain (Minister of Technology) and the new Telecommunications Commissioner (or whatever he is called) and my Bank who want me to use their banking web site - but I can only do so at un-godly hours. We should all write in to PC World and give it to Telecom) Going to other more expensive options is not possible for most of us and we should not have to.

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    Default Re: Is Telecom holding back bandwidth ?

    An observation:

    Telecon has put brakes on the traffic moved by P2P programmes,
    Thus making it harder for people to exchange files from one end user to another, even if both are on 'fast' connections.

    I run a P2P programme on cable, the only brakes are my connection speed, 128kb/sec. These days, most of my traffic is international. It used to be that international data transfer was only just the greater =, that was just 2 mounths ago

    I wonder if this is purely coincidence???

    I wonder what effect this is having on international traffic usage all round?

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    Default Re: Is Telecom holding back bandwidth ?

    Jetstart is most definitely still around and I am (and my flatmate) using it. Telecom in their greed have posted a 5Gb limit on international traffic per user, but if you go over the 5Gb they charge you per Mb for the excess. But lets face it...5000Mb is an awful lot of data for an average home user.
    There again, I'm not defending Telecom - I signed up for five reasons - easily shareable via a LAN, 'always' online, faster than dialup (most of the time), don't need a second line, and.... all you can eat UNLIMITED DOWNLOAD. Telecom you greedy bastards.

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