I have a PCDirect Discovery 540. I have added an extra hard drive (2.1Gb) reset to C drive, and the original 850Mb drive is D. C is about half full, D is about 1/4 full. The machine runs more slowly than it should. I cannot get IE4 or Netscape 4 to run e-mail - so I use Netscape 3 e-mail and this runs very well. I have also added a 100MB Zip drive for backing up data files.
I recollect that PCWorld had an article on how to tidy up the hard drive without finishing up with a moribund computer and no files left. But I cannot find the article - probably it was in one of the few copies that I have given away.
Your advice on how to tidy up would be a great help. All my important programs are legal and I have the original disks to be able to re-load.
Thanks. Roly P