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    Default Win98SE Shared Drive Problem

    I have a small network and on one machine run win98se. In the past i have had the whole c drive as a shared folder, however I have now decided to only share a few folders not the entire c drive. I am able to right hand click the c drive in explorer and select Sharing and do not share. this works fine until I reboot the machine and i find that it automatically shares c Drive again!
    I am getting a bit thin on top through pulling my hair out. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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    Default Re: Win98SE Shared Drive Problem

    Just a thought but have you tried a program to check for adaware software because it certainly doesn't sound healthy.

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    Default Re: Win98SE Shared Drive Problem

    I think that you are setting 'no share' for that session, not setting it 'permanently'. If you have clicked 'Apply', try clicking 'OK' instead. Or vice versa.

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    Default Re: Win98SE Shared Drive Problem

    Thanks both for your reply. I have tried both suggestions but to no avail.

    Stumped me!

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