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    Default Hibernate/Suspend Mode

    I've just formatted my old AcerNote Light 370c Notebook and loaded win98. Unfortunatly It refuses to enter hibernate/suspend. Had no problem with win95 and sleepmanager. Power Management Properties appear correct. Iv'e downloaded and run Pmtshoot.exe 1.3 and It seems to point to a network driver causing the problem. However, I uninstalled the network drivers and still no joy??? Has anyone else struck this little number? Also tried Microsoft Knowledge Base without luck.

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    Default Re: Hibernate/Suspend Mode

    try disabling the network card itself.

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    Default Re: Hibernate/Suspend Mode

    Sorry roofus I'm leading you astray. Don't have a network card as such, the message from the pmt programme read:

    Client for microsoft networks

    May be a red herring?



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