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    Default remind.exe on start up

    When starting my pc it comes up with a message that says
    'cant find file remind.exe'
    when i close this message it continues on and starts up.
    How can i fix this so it doesnt appear again.
    Thank you

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    Default Re: remind.exe on start up


    You don't say what operating system you are using? If you could be a bit more specific it would making answering your question easier :-)

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    Default Re: remind.exe on start up

    On Win98 go to Start|Run... and type 'msconfig'. Go to the StartUp tab and deselect the box which points to the remind.exe file.

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    Default Re: remind.exe on start up

    Sorry for not giving full details .They are as follows;
    Am using Windows 95

    when starting pc it posts the following message
    'cannot find the file 'remind.exe'(or one of its componets).make sure the path and filename are correct and that all the required libraries are available'
    I then click ok and this message comes up
    could not load or run 'remind.exe' specified in the WIN.INI file.make sure the file exists or remove reference to itin the WIN.INI file'
    I then click ok and the pc continues loading ready for internet connection.
    Thanks hope this helps.

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