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    Default Map Network Drive Paths

    When Mapping a Network Drive I find there is a list of 15 Paths to choose from such as: \\\C before the actual drive letters of the other PC show up. I suspect they were generated by a virus. Any idea how to delete them?

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    Default Re: Map Network Drive Paths

    \\\ is a computer IP address.

    Computers on a network not only have a name but an IP address as well.

    If you right-click 'Network Neighbourhood' then 'Properties', scroll down to the TCP/IP attached to your network card and click 'Properties' it will show the IP address for the machine you are on.

    If the address listed above isn't one of your computers then something external may be involved (at which point virus check, panic etc).

    An internal network should be using one of the following range of addresses: - - -

    These addresses are reserved for internal networks. If your computers are using addresses outside these ranges then they can conflict with an IP address on the web.

    Incidentally, you only use one of the ranges on a local network. All my computers use the 192 range. Which range you use is personal choice.

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    Default Re: Map Network Drive Paths

    If you have been using one of the peer to peer file swapping systems, you might have connected to someone with disastrously catastrophic sharing settings.

    Your computer (or its OS) will have remembered that address.

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    Default Re: Map Network Drive Paths

    Thanks Heather. As I said I think a virus generated the additional 15 addresses in the list using the 210 range. I'm using the 192 range. I just want to know how to delete them so I don't have to scroll all the way down to the legitimate one that works when mapping a network drive.

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