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    Default Changing Tab defaults in Word

    I would like to set the default tab setting to 1cm in Word2000, but there is no way I can find to save this in the file. Suggestions welcome.

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    Default Re: Changing Tab defaults in Word

    From within Word2000 open your NORMAL.DOT (default template) file. I'm not sure exactly where yours might be stored as for instance mine is in the directory '%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Documents and Settings\<MYUSERNAME>\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates'

    However you find the file open it within Word then click FORMAT | TABS then set Default tab stops to 1cm then click OK. Finally FILE | SAVE your Normal.Dot file back. When you next go into Word use FILE | NEW and select the BlankDocument template (Normal.Dot) to create a document based on that template. Hope that helps....

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