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    Thanks to Alan Wilsons recommendation (see previous posting 'VIRUS INFECTION??')I tried 'housecall'. I started smug with the knowledge that my regular scanning with NAV and even more regular updates should prove that my system is squeaky clean. NOT SO!!!
    Housecall found JS_LOOP.A. infected file in a program that I have had for about 6 months. Research showed that this was 'thankfully' a very low risk virus so I simply just deleted.

    Question, Why did NAV not find this even though js_loop was listed in the virus definition?

    On a cynical note could 'housecall' have ummm... fabricated the virus in order to promote it's product?

    To make matters worse I originally had PCcillin when I first got the computer but dumped it when they wouldn't reply to an email I sent asking for support (actually they did reply, 20 days later). Symantec replied within 1 day so I duly bought NAV. I am fickle when it comes to customer service.

    Any thoughts as to which is better?

    sam m

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    I've been saying this for a while now, but I read a quite detailed report on Virus checkers about 4 or 5 months ago. They did this test on all the major virus checkers on the market (well over 100 of them) and Norton AV came second to top, after one called Panda Antivirus, so it is definitely one of the best. McAfee came third (let through about 3 viruses, while Norton's only missed one). PCCillin was in the top 10 if I remember rightly.

    The reason Norton's might have missed that program could be because Norton's wasn't instructed to scan that particular file. NAV by default scans program and other important files, but some viruses infect other files that Norton doesn't scan unless its specifically told to. Try changing the options in Norton's to do a complete scan of all files (maybe even including compressed files) and see if that works.



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    Out of curiosity I got Housecall to scan my PC and was surprised to get the same results as you Sam. :-(

    What file was yours in? My JS_LOOP.A is in a javascript file belonging to 1stPage2000 and has never been picked up by Nortons in the nearly two years that I've had this program.

    As far as I can remember I have not used this file ('Six buttons from hell.izs') and Norton scans almost all files, including this one.

    I have deleted it and interestingly enough Norton has no info on it on their site but both Trend Micro and McAfee says that JS/Loop is a trojan, not a virus.

    Two trojan detectors/cleaners that I used last week did not pick it up.

    This is WEIRD!!

    On a brighter note, nothing else has been detected so I'm relatively happy. :-)

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    We use AVG 6.0

    I went to Housecall and had a scan.

    No virus found.

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    Exactly the same file! 1st Page 2000. Wow freaky. After further research I concluded that possibly because js loop is a trojan and it may not have picked it up yet when I go to their virus def, it is there??
    I am hoping this explains why my hard drive has been working constantly even when there are not open programs.
    Susan, have you had these sorts of problems?

    I am interested in the comments made by Mike about the effectiveness of the different AV program. Like I said earlier the only reason I went with Norton is because their service was superb. I am tempted to fire off another email to them to see what they say.

    Thanks for the feedback. I feel better that js loop is removed, annoyed that this wasn't picked up earlier, and perplexed as to which AV to use in the future.

    sam m

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    Default Re: Virus Infection Query

    Since Housecall is the only checker reporting finding js_loop in 1stpage2000 it is possible that Housecall is using a faulty code string and as a result is reporting false positives.

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