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    Default VIRUS INFECTION ???

    I have AVG virus protection installed on my PC (Which I keep fully uptodate)

    Tonight (as I usually do on a regular basis) I ran the 'Housecall Virus Checker' and it informed me that I have the: VBS LOVELETTER.A virus and that C:\_RESTORE\ARCHIVE\FS454.CAB was infected, and unable to be removed.

    I then ran a full AVG scan, which said no viruses present, which I then followed by running the Symantec Security Check, which also said my system was clean.

    I am still worried though. How can I be certain that my PC is virus free, and how do I remove the VBS LOVELETTER.A virus from my computer?

    Regards, ALAN

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    Default Re: VIRUS INFECTION ???

    Hi Alan,

    To remove the infected file you simply have to disable RESTORE. This will purge all the RESTORE files including the virus.

    To disable RESTORE....

    Right click, My Computer then click on Properties>Performance>File System>Trouble Shooting then check 'disable System Restore'>Ok.
    Restart computer, once windows loads you will see troubleshooting message. Just click on yes or ok.

    RESTORE will now have purged all files and with it the virus. Now repeat steps above and renable RESTORE and then restart computer again.It will create new restore points from now on.

    I had same problem with magistr virus last year where the virus was found in Restore but Nortons 2002 could not do anything with it. Aparantly Nortons wont scan RESTORE files as they are in the 'exclusion' files by default. Maybe the same with your virus scanner.

    umm.... I forgot to mention the above is for winME if you are using XP then not sure if this will work.

    sam m

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    Default Re: VIRUS INFECTION ???

    Gidday Alan
    I have AVG 6.0 but searching for the 'Housecall Virus Checker' to give it a run failed to find it.

    Could you point me to its location? but perhaps U are running a different version.

    In advance - thanks

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    Default Re: VIRUS INFECTION ???

    Hi Curly,

    You can find 'Housecall' at the following URL:

    Regards, ALAN

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