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    Default Software Problem!!old but hardly used.

    Adobe Photo Deluxe Home Edition 3.1
    Tried printing in the best possible quality, the print started but then I keep this message,
    HPfegn0 has caused an error in HPFPEGN0.EXE
    HPfegno will now close. If you conuine to experience problems, try restarting your computer.
    The 'ON' light on the printer is Blinking after this, so open printer door and the cartridge stops on the 'black print cartridge is low on ink',( No it is not because I just had it refilled, and the printer Test and Printer self Clean all work fine.) I close the printer door and the light still blinks, so I turn the printer off then on again and the ON light stops blinking, go figure. Next I restart the computer, but an another error message 'Ezphoto has caused an error in KRNL386.EXE', Ezphoto will now close. If you conuine to experience problems, try restarting your computer. Next the screen goes blank with cursor blinking or winking 'not to sure' and can do nothing but press the reset switch. And of course then you have to go through a Disk Scan.
    I then proceeded to do the Printer and Printer Self Clean Test, and every thing is ok there.
    And guess what the whole damn thing happens all over again, and again, by now I'm pretty Pdd off.
    I have a HP Pavilion 6700 compuer, 192 MB of RAM, a HP DeskJet 930C Printer, only 2 years old. I'm also running AVG Anti Virus, Zone Alarm Fire Wall, then system resouse meter shows 45%-51%-45%.
    I also have Memory Zipper Plus and that shows around RAM 89MB used-96-103 used.
    Never had any problem up until now and I need to enlarge a postcard size black and white photo to A4 size within two weeks. No rush people but any help would be apprecated, by the way I can't spell so hope all can understand this.


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    Default Re: Software Problem!!old but hardly used.


    You left out what might be the most important piece of info. What OS are you using? If it is newer than your program they might not be compatible. You didn't say if it has ever worked on this computer either.

    If it hasn't and your OS is newer, do a Google search on the program and OS for compatibility information.


    Billy 8-{)

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    Default Re: Software Problem!!old but hardly used.

    Memory says that there were/are issues with MS and EZphoto - last time I remember was between EZphoto and Word 2000. OS was irrelevant

    I came across some stuff at MS - Article ID: Q224727

    Search MS and Hewlitt Packard

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    Default Re: Software Problem!!old but hardly used.

    I would assume you are running Windows ME, which was OEM shipped with that model.
    Your software has some minor issues with ME, but probably your issue is that the printer software quality setting is incompatible with the image editing software. The quality setting should be set to Normal for any paper type setting.

    Also delete any temporary internet files (dont ask why, HP recommendation...)

    You mention you had the ink cartridge refilled, does the printer work ok in other software, HP are fussy on ink...?

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