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    Default Format and reinstall

    Hi, I need to format my hard drive and reinstall windows 98 as my computer keeps crashing and is going slow. I have the disks for the modem video and sound card. How do I go about this and is there any instructions on the internet somewhere.

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    Default Re: Format and reinstall

    Follow the above link and on there home page at the top left will be a box with various help links, one of them is reformat and reinstall. Follow the links to there other pages and print out, it is a easy to follow guide.

    Remember !!!!! before you start reformatting and reinstalling that you back up all your data and addresses etc and make sure you have all your various driver disks handy as they will be required at various times during the process.

    If you are concerned about installing the drivers for sound and video, it is possible that Win98 will pick up and install it's own drivers, if not, go My Computer > Properties > Device Manager > look for a yellow ? or ! and open that and update drivers, point the installation to the disk where you have the drivers.

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    Default Re: Format and reinstall

    Thank you for your answer. I tried the link but it doesn't seem to work. Is it the correct address?

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    Default Re: Format and reinstall

    Pause and think about it and plan it carefully
    Record links to the homepages of all software and hardware that you might need for upgrades to the basic versions of drivers and apps etc . Look for upgrades etc on the magazine cd's that you've probably stored somewhere gathering dust = they can save time over downloading upgrades or latest versions etc

    You might also want to backup your emailss as well as the addressbook

    PS: I think my old elcheapo modem is working better on the original driver without updating

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