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    Default ZA-Pro Can Bob get 'Stealth' protection?

    Hi Team

    I've just run a routine check on my firewall (the Gibson Shields Up version) which said all was well and all ports were closed. I am sure my last test said the computer was in stealth mode so is this possible with Zone Alarm?


    Billy 8-{)

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    Default Re: ZA-Pro Can Bob get 'Stealth' protection?

    Sorry, I failed to point out that my Internet Zone is set to 'High Security' which according to ZA should be stealth mode. I also checked that it is set to the normal ZA defaults.

    I guess 'ports closed' isn't bad, but I like the sound of Stealth better.

    What I was really looking for is an answer as to why ZA isn't giving a stealth response. Sorry, its been a long week and I'm beginning to flag!


    Billy 8-{)

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    Default Re: ZA-Pro Can Bob get 'Stealth' protection?

    Isn't your internet connection going through a router?

    If it is, then it would be the routers configuration and not ZA.

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