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    Default Lost the 'My Computer' icon in XP

    Whilst deinstalling the Swine demo game (on a recent PC World cd-rom) from my hard-drive, the 'My Computer' icon disappeared from my desktop. Help! I'm also curious that some software names (including Swine)remain in the list of programs able to be deinstalled in 'Add/Remove programs', even after actual deinstallation. How can I get rid of them?

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    Default Re: Lost the 'My Computer' icon in XP

    Hi Martin,

    I dont know if this will work, but worth a try.
    Right click an empty part of your desktop, click desktop tab, customize desktop, change icon.

    Good luck.


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    Default Re: Lost the 'My Computer' icon in XP

    Hello Martin,
    In xp click start from the listing 'my computer' hold right button down and drag a copy of the icon to your desktop.

    downloading and installing tweakui for xp help you remove names from the add/remove section.

    After uninstalling a program its usually worth doing a search of your system to delete any leftovers. And use a regcleaner, as you can bet there are bits left in the registry. Both these can be found with a search of pc world.


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    Default Re: Lost the 'My Computer' icon in XP

    Thanks Bob.

    I've created a shortcut as you suggest, which will do, but it still irks me that the original icon (which wasn't a shortcut with the little arrow, of course) just disappeared.

    I'll use tweakUI. Thanks for the tip!


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