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    Default JetStart or JetStream?

    We have decided to get an ADSL line at home ?mainly so so can use the internet & the phone without having to get another line - telecom wanted to charge us a fortune to run an extra line down our right of way. We would be happy with JetStart with its 5000 MB monthly limit - but I notice there is only a few dollars difference between this and the basic JetStream account with a 500MB monthly limit. Obviously JetStream is a better service but how likely are we to go over the 500MB limit and have to pay extra? There are two of us and we would spend about 40 hours a month getting our email, surfing the net and downloading the odd shareware program - but no music or videos

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    Default Re: JetStart or JetStream?

    As I understand it the 'download' limits for Jetstream are 'all data coming down the line' - rathere that wht people think of as 'downloads' i.e. files

    To get an idea , have a look at the amount of data received after, say , half an hour of surfing and emailing - you may be surprised.
    I use Jetstart as I reckoned that 500MB was hardly anything , and I don't spend a lot of time online.
    Jetstart is a lot quicker than a 56k (nearer 46k in my case) dialup but of course nowhere near as fast as Jetstream.
    Also bear in mind with the latter you're still up for lag times on busy sites.

    Hope this helps

    Alex M

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    Default Re: JetStart or JetStream?

    Yes, I agree with Alex. I did not fully understand what the term 'download' or 'data transfer' meant until I got Jetstart. I thought it meant d/loading music, files etc but everything we look at when surfing is a 'download'.

    If you're unsure then stick to Jetstart. Monitor your usage monthly and if you are constantly under or around 500MB then switch later. The jump from 56k to 128k is enough to impress for a start so you are still benefiting as well as the fact that you can surf without tying up the phone line will keep the family happy.

    The other reason is that with Jetstart pages that took an age to download will appear a lot quicker so therefore there is more likelihood that you would surf a lot more. Also the fact that the computer is connected to the net all the time means that there is more opportunity to surf. (well this happened in my house anyway)

    sam m

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    Default Re: JetStart or JetStream?


    I use JetStream for 2-days a week working from home over a CITRIX connection, connected full time for 8 hours each day, so that is 64 hours a month, plus the 'normal' e-mail and sports result checking, and have yet to touch 400 MBytes in a month. I don't do MP3, but do watch the weekly high(and low)lights from!.

    Another consideration is what type of modem you are using - an external USB modem will be slower than JetStart at full rate.

    Hope this helps


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    Default Re: JetStart or JetStream?

    Whatever it is, AVOID xtra.

    I'm using xtra at present and am looking for some other ISP. A number of websites cannot be loaded with xtra but no problems with others. I rang up their helpdesk but they are not attending to the problems, apparently. They are good at blaming others.


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    Default Re: JetStart or JetStream?

    Whatever it is, AVOID xtra.

    I'm using xtra at present and am looking for some other ISP. A number of websites cannot be loaded with xtra but no problems with others. I rang up their helpdesk but they are not attending to the problems, apparently. They are good at blaming others.


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    Default Re: JetStart or JetStream?

    Hi Mark

    I use Jetstream and am on-line 16/7. I download whatever I want but stay away from music & videos, though I look at the odd clip. I do some pretty intensive surfing researching for my business but have never used more than 350MB. My average is closer to 275MB.

    Provided you keep an eye on it with Customer Self-Care and don't go stupid you should find 500MB enough. Jetstream is worth it for the extra speed and I don't agree with the Xtra knockers, I have had no problems at all with my Jetstream connection apart from one weekend a while back when the service went down, and a couple of weeks ago when it was dodgy for an afternoon.

    In my opinion, most of the problems might well be attributable to the computer/modem/domestic line wiring combination used by the sufferers.

    Before I got Jetstream I upgraded my line from the Telecom demarcation point using CAT5E cable and ran the same cable from the splitter to a dedicated ADSL outlet. I also converted my telephone wiring to the new two-wire configuration as recommended for ADSL by Telecom.

    I bought a router rather than a modem (external not internal) so there is no software or drivers on my computer and I optimised my computer settings for ADSL.

    From Day One it has been totally reliable (other than the two incidents above) and a blindingly fast connection.

    I don't think Telecom singled me out for special service and apart from the precautions I took myself to ensure reliable service, my only advantage is that I am only 2km from my exchange.

    In my opinion, Xtra's Jetstream service is excellent, but I can't comment on Jetstart as I have no experience with it.


    Billy 8-{)

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    Default Re: JetStart or JetStream?

    I'm just on dial up account. But when ever I go online I've downloaded atleast 10MB.

    Thats just when I'm actively surfing the internet, not when I've got the downloading when I'm asleep.

    When you take that 10MB and multiply that by 2 to get a bear minimum of 20MB for the day. Then multiply that by 30 for the month. That becomes around 600MB for the month.

    That's the figure of just my surfing (ie. forums, msn, icq, searching, etc).

    Well that is my surfing, my stepdad also uses the internet but I'm not sure how much he downloads when he's online.

    Then there is also the downloading of software that goes on at night time and when I'm at the computer but not using the internet.

    I can easily download over 150MB per night sometimes. But I'm not always downloading stuff.

    So in conclusion, I don't see how I could possibly not go over the 500MB cut off on JetStream.

    That is unless I turned off all images when I was using the internet.


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    Default Re: JetStart or JetStream?

    Billy T

    Can you please elaborate on your setup with the router/modem and what sort of router is it you've got

    Much apreaciated


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