Hi John,

To send a fax in Win 95 you need to go to your Start menu and navigate to the shortcut that says 'compose new fax'. If you have Win 98 fax will not have been installed as it was left out of this version. You can, however, find it on your Win 98 CD-ROM in the Tools/OldWin95/Fax folder. Run the setup.exe in this folder and follow their instructions. Your computer needs to be running Exchange, Windows Messaging or Outlook (not Outlook Express) for Microsoft Fax to work.

Peter Cooke published a really good article 'Set up faxing in Windows 95' which is applicable to Win 98 in the NZ PC World May 1998 if you have that copy. If not, try and get a back issue from PC World or maybe even try your library.

Hope this all helps - good luck.