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    recently my web browser internet explorer 6 has been invaded by a web site called '' which keeps reseting my homepage to its own site and the browser stops functioning . i find i have to reboot my computer to get my browser to work again but the the problem comes back. i have virus, spam and firewall software installed.

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    Beleive it or not, if you go to the lop site there is supposed to be a removal tool for it. Sounds silly I know but it is reported to work.
    Try that for a start.

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    Annoying sod is 'LOP'but not too difficult to remove with option of using it's own uninstall file that can be downloaded, or install Ad-Aware from Lavasoft.Excellent app that gets rid of not only LOP,but all sorts of other little gremlins that one seems to aquire while surfing.

    Ad-Aware is usually at or Cnet and is free.


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    Don't get me started on this one, except perhaps the only non whining point that being that there is/was an uninstall that works on the lopsearch site, i have found it used it, and it would appear that it did remove all it was supposed to. I dont know about the change of home page, i use opera, so it did not effect in the first place.
    If you can't find the uninstall, and they (surprise) dont make it easy, yell out, and i will send you the uninstall i have, i've allready had one f1 user hunt me down for this!... yech, bloody scumware merchants!

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    thanks for the advice
    found a program called spider that sorted it

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    Chris, would you be kind enough to send me a copy as well. If you will, send it to

    TIA. Cheers

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