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    Default Modem configuration in linux

    I have just finished configuring my linux system to work like I want it to. The only problem is the modem. Whenever I restart the computer, I have to use the setserial command to make the modem respond. HELP!


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    There are two ways to do this, the right way (with a script /etc/rc.d/setserial -- as described in Modem-HOWTO) or another 'good enough' way which will work -- adding the setserial command as the last line of the rc.local file. There's a description of this at: . The third way ... (this is a Unix and there are always LOTS of ways to do anything) is to put the line in /etc/profile ... but its better to have it in the booting sequence rather than do it at login time.

    Been a long struggle, hasn't it. Now enjoy it.

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    Just another thought...

    If the serial ports aren't being picked up correctly the BIOS may need altering.
    If your BIOS is set up to expect a Plug & Play OS then Linux may not pick the ports up.

    Type the following command to inspect your ports.

    setserial -g /dev/ttyS*

    if it comes up with something like:

    /dev/ttyS0, UART: unknown, Port:OxO3f8, IRQ: 4 & the UART is showing up as unknown, then linux hasn't detected them.

    Go into your BIOS, find the option for P&P/OS and turn it off, save the settings & reboot.

    This time the kernel should detect them correctly.

    Might not be the answer but it's worth a go.


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