Hi I have two questions. The first is to do with Outlook Express. I have a standard pentium200 machine with 64MB RAM and lots of HD. I have been using Netscape Messenger until the program started crashing for what seems no apparant rerason. Any way I have IE4.01 and thought I would use Outlook Express. Alas when I check for mail (when I know I have some) I get the message 'failed error 0x080004005' along with a few other things. When there is no mail Outlook checks and there seems to be no problem. I could not get any joy out of support at microsoft.

My other question is why Netscape crashes now. When I check details I see reference to Kernel32.dll but don't really understand this. Sometimes I open the program and it crashes straight away. I then try again - crash. I then try again and it works fine? Any ideas?