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    Default Scanner won't connect!!!

    Hello, there is probably a simple explanation to this but has anyone had this problem.I click on Mirascan and a box comes up saying
    Scanner is not found.
    Please check if
    1. scanner power is on.
    2. Cable is firmly connected.

    so before u all LOL yes everything is connected and turned on so why is the .... thing not connecting. any ideas.

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    Default Re: Scanner won't connect!!!

    HiNorm, can't offer a permanent solution to your problem but I'm having the same happen. Did you buy your computer from the PC Co? Is your scanner an Acer? Yes to both questions for me and I continually have to uninstall and reinstall the scanner to get it to work. I can use it, then five minutes later try it again and get told it is cannot be detected. The first time it happened I checked all the cables and connections but all were fine. Annoying though it is, all I do now is uninstall and reinstall - a pain because if you are in the middle of something you have to close everything down and restart. If anyone knows how to fix it for good, I'd definitely be keen to hear from them.

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    Default Re: Scanner won't connect!!!

    Just an idea: might work, might not.

    How about diabling Plug and Pray in the BIOS. I've done the equivalent in Red Hat 7.1 Linux. Stopped that system changing itself.

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    Default Re: Scanner won't connect!!!

    Freudian typo there: Plug and Play *is* diabolical. I meant 'disable' it.

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    Default Re: Scanner won't connect!!!

    I had a similar problem with an Epson scanner and after several day's and e-mails back and forth from epson support problem appeared to be with windows itself had to reinstal win98 Se problem went away.

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    Default Re: Scanner won't connect!!!

    Thanks for the tip Graham, if Susan thinks it could work, I'm willing to try it. One small problem though - I'm fairly new to this game and am not sure how to do what you suggest. After just running the Klez tool after a worrying series of emails, I think I know what BIOS is - the stuff that appears on screen while your computer is starting? (To put it simply!) If so, how do I diable (my favourite car, a Diablo!) Plug and Play? When running the Klez thing, I had to press F8 to start the computer in safe mode - is disabling P & P done along these lines?

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    Default Re: Scanner won't connect!!!

    I had a similar problem with my printer. I was using a parallel cable to connect (running windows 2000 pro), and printer suddenly stopped working. Windows didn't even recognise one there, even though drivers, etc were still installed, and it had worked in the past! Tried all sorts to get it going, with no luck. Finally tried to connect via a USB port instaed of parallel, and it fixed everything. Parallel port works for other things, and cable works with other things, just both don't work with my printer now (although they used to!) If your scanner has the option, maybe try connection through a different type of port?

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