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    Default Win 98 takes ages to load.

    I've got major problems starting win98. It takes alomost 3 mins to load after installing my PCI network card.
    Prior to installing the network card it still takes about a minute to load.
    I have a PCI modem, Buz capture card and the network card all sharing the same IRQ (11).
    When loaded the system device manager reports no conflicts.
    I can only manually change the device settings for the PCI modem, everything else is unable to be changed.
    Using Win95 OS2 I could change the modems IRQ address and this sorted the startup problem.
    Under Win98 it makes no difference if the Modems IRQ address is changed, Win98 still takes forever to load.
    I have repartitioned my hard disk/reformatted and reloaded Win98 from scratch. Win98 seems to be running like a dog.
    Anybody out there able to Assist??
    My System:
    Duron 1.3 Ghz processor
    128meg SDRAM
    Gigabyte 7ZXE motherboard with onboard sound disabled
    Iomega Buz video capture card and SCSI controller
    Yamaha Sound Card
    Trident 9750 AGP Graphics card
    ASUS DVD ROM drive
    Mitsumi 4x CDwriter


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    Default Re: Win 98 takes ages to load.

    Hi Dave

    Is your network card currently communicating with external network devices? If you have just installed it in anticipation of network use, your computer will spend time looking for the network during Win loading. If you are not using it yet, or to verify that it is only the NIC that is slowing things down, disable it temporarily in Device Manager and see if loading speeds up.

    I'm no networking expert but I have twice experienced your problem with Win98, once when I had nothing connected to the card and the other time when all external connections were inactive. If the NIC is being used and loading is slow, post that info and one of the Forum's networking gurus will doubtlessly be able to help you.


    Billy 8-{)

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    Default Re: Win 98 takes ages to load.

    Also try manually setting an IP address, instead of making it obtain one manually.


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