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    Default is this a virus... :(

    Recently, I've noticed a strange thing - some icons are changing.
    Like the sometimes a file (say.html) will have the Mircosoft Word icon, and then the next day it has the Medal of Honor game icon.
    This happens with all the icons (not just .html)
    I have norton AV - and have ran virus check - but nothing.

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    Default Re: is this a virus... :(

    Maybe it's an advertisement for a computer company. I can't think of their name. ;-) .

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    Default Re: is this a virus... :(

    Evening Alex,

    No I do not believe this is a virus. Sometimes icons displayed just go ramdom. Not to sure why. But this is how you fix it.

    Download TweakUI either from a Pcworld Plus disk or from

    Once installed
    load the control panel up and launched TweakUI. Click on the repair tab and again on repair Icons.

    This should do the trick


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    Default Re: is this a virus... :(

    Something similar happens to me:

    In my IE favorites menu it has icons from my Desktop.

    Normally it has the basic 'e' over a page icon now it has icons for My Computer and my documents icons etc.

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