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    Default Network card problem/ just reinstalled

    I reinstalled my computer.(98 first edition)
    Then I tried to install the network card, just bought. Then is said
    that it couldn't find some files. I didn't think it was much. But now
    when I start the computer it says in dos

    'can not find a device file that may be needed to run windows or a
    windows program or a windows application

    The windows registry or system.ini file refers to this device file, but
    the device file no longer exists.

    If you deleted this file on purpose, try uninstalling tge associated
    application using it uninstall program.

    If you still want to use the appiclation associated with this device
    file, try reinstalling that application to replace the missing file.


    I tried to reintall the driver, by deleting the card in network and in the
    system part in the conrol pannel. But it said that it couldn't find a file
    insert the windows cd, which I already had in. The 'copying files' part
    of the installation said it was copying them from c:/windows/system

    Also when windows starts, it comes up with a window saying

    Window Networking
    Unanble to load the dynamic link libary
    The system can not find the file specified
    Some or all of the following is not avalaible
    -Microsoft Network

    P2 333
    10/100 networkcard
    56 k modem

    Please help if someone knows before I try to reinstall again!

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    Default Re: Network card problem/ just reinstalled

    Windows is looking for some files to finish the instalation of your network card.

    They are probably on the floppy or CD that you should have got with the card.

    Try running 'add new hardware' from control panel, and let windows search for the hardware. Then when it tries to load the drivers you can say 'have disk' and direct it to your driver disk.

    The drivers disk may have drivers for other operating systems, as well as 98, so make sure you direct it all the way to the 98 folder on the disk.

    Come back if you have no luck.

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    Default Re: Network card problem/ just reinstalled

    Search for the missing file. If you can't find it - try to reinstall. If you can, you can manually point system.ini to it.

    Goto Start>Runn... and type msconfig.

    Goto the system.ini tab and under 386enh you should find the device pointing to the file with the wrong pathname. edit the ppath and restart.

    Try to reinstall first though.

    G P

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