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    Default Mac file association

    When I click on an html file on my PowerMac it starts up Word98 instead of Internet Explorer 5.

    Where do I change the settings to make it use Explorer 5 for html files?

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    Default Re: Mac file association

    It is a while since I used a Mac and I am getting rusty. However, from memory there is a control panel that you use to change file associations.

    I think it is called File Exchange, or PC Exchange or something like that...

    Oh dear, I have used it a thousand times, but having been forced by clients to change over to these benighted PeeCee boxes some years ago, I have forgotten... Just look through your Control Panels, and I am sure you will find it.

    Like everything else on a Mac you will find it easy and intuitive to use, unlike...

    Hope that helps

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    Default Re: Mac file association

    Check these settings

    Control panel/File Exchange
    File translation Tab

    Control panel/Internet/Advanced
    File transfer at the left.

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