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    Default Laptop Problems :-(

    Hi, I have an Acer Travelmate with a built-in 56k winmodem, running windows 2000. While using Internet Explorer the computer will completely freeze at at a random time, forcing me to turn the machine completely off & on again. Upon restarting, the last time win2k did the usual scandisk etc, but recovered 19kb of 'recovered files' and put them in their own folder. I have upgraded the modem driver to the latest I could find and the problem persists. Is this likely to be a software or hardware fault? Also, I have 2 ISP's, one of which will connect easily every time, while the other takes many attempts (if it connects at all) stopping at the verify user/password part (and yes, both are correct!). Settings for both are as prescribed by the ISP. Any help would be much appreciated, as this is rather frustrating!

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    try getting updates and fixes from and for IE. Try upgrading IE.


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    Thanks for the reply. Acer dosent have an updated driver for the modem for win2k on their website, although some Acer sites have some other downloads for win2k on this machine. I have just upgraded to IE6 and will see how that goes. Look forward to any more comments! :-)

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    try some windows and ie updates,


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