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    Default Compaq Keyboard with split space bar

    I'm using a Compaq keyboard with, you guessed it, a split space bar. The left hand bit does a backspace/delete and the right bit is real a space bar. As I'm doing a lot more typing these days the left hand end is becoming a pain in the butt. There is a Compaq utility to change the spacebar mode but it only seems to work on Compaqs and my computer is a Dell. I like the rest of the keyboard so would appreciate suggestions that *don't* include replacing it... any ideas?


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    Simple answer is to do what I did and take the backspace key part off the keyboard. Just prise it off gently so that it can be put back if you want it later.
    I found it was just a nuisance having the key there as I was always pressing it by mistake.
    SM :-)

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    Default Re: Compaq Keyboard with split space bar

    I learnt pressing spacerbar with my right hand thumb. As for that keyboard. If other people have that type don't learn how to use backspace with it or else you'll be making many mistakes when you use the standard type keyboards.

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