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    Default Archiving from Outlook Express

    Hi There,
    Does anybody know of a good and easy way to archive Outlook Express emails to floppy or cd.
    Mayby I am missing something but I am finding it very hard to find how to do it.

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    Default Re: Archiving from Outlook Express

    I am not using Outlook Express on this computer so lets see if I remember the right way....

    Two ways around this, do a search on your system for *.dbx files and then navigate your way to where they are stored and copy them to CD or floppy.

    Or.On the main toolbar Click File>Export>Messages and follow the prompts and export them to a folder of your choice from where you can copy them to cd.

    Off memory that is right, I will stand corrected if someone proves me wrong.

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    Default Re: Archiving from Outlook Express

    Try ebackup -
    I think, but do a search and you will find. From memory a trial is available.

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    Default Re: Archiving from Outlook Express

    I found this excellent website a few days ago that may be useful to you:

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    Default Re: Archiving from Outlook Express

    I use Mailbag Assistant.

    Try Tucows perhaps for an evaluation copy, or go to

    Earlier versions did not archive email attachments, but I believe the current version does. I haven't tested that aspect yet.

    Beware though - archive files can get pretty huge, and may not necessarily fit on a cd.

    Hope that helps

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