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    Default Lost modules in Linux

    I was running the Red Hat Up2date program and accidently... well actually I just selected everything to be updated without checking them and there were ones that updated to a newer kernel.

    My previous kernel modules were all deleted and I can't load the new kernel.

    All I want to do now is make a backup of all the files I downloaded from the up2date program onto a hard drive with a vfat partition but I can't load the vfat module so I can mount the partition and copy them over. Or if there's a way to load the new kernel now.

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    Default Re: Lost modules in Linux

    Can you still boot your current system? If so, you could build a new kernel/modules yourself.

    If not, something like 'tomsrtbt' (floppy distribution) might be able to help.

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    Default Re: Lost modules in Linux

    Yes I can still boot into the system on the original kernel just it won't load any modules because they no longer exist. The newer kernel had modules and I thought I could just use those but that didn't work.

    I don't know how to build a kernel.

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    Default Re: Lost modules in Linux

    Have a look in /lib/modules. The modules should be found through a symbolic link. Normally (in RH anyway, after recompiling the kernel and modules, doing 'make install_modules' puts the new modules in a directory with a different version number, and remakes the symbolic link so that it points to that. Your old modules should still be there, just 'invisible' because the link doesn't point at them.

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