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    Is it save to remove programs from the startup menu? I seem to have all my programs there.As I only have 1.5gb hardrive and 32mb ram my poor old computer takes about 4/5 minutes to get up and running.
    If it is safe to remove programs which is the best way to do this.
    Kevyboy (Tyro)

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    If they are in Start>Programs>Startup, then it should be OK to remove all of them. Make sure though that you are not removing programs you want to start up every time.

    To see what else is slowing down your startup, goto Start>Run... and type msconfig then press enter.

    Click on the startup tab in the window that opens and you will see a list of all the programs loading at startup. If you are unsure of what is safe to remove, goto <> This page gives detailed info on how to remove unwanted startup items. Also click the link to 'Programs' for a list of programs that commonly add themselves to startup, and a desription of each with a recommendation whether or not it is safe to remove them.

    msconfig works with win98/winME/winXP, not 95 or 2000.

    G P

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    It is safe to remove programs. To safely remove a program go to start; programs; the folder where the program is you want to remove; then click on the uninstall icon. If there is no uninstal in the start menu go to start; settings; control panel; add remove programs; click on the install/uninstall tag at the top. Then scoll down until you find a program that you no longer use and double click it. It will then safely uninstall the program

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    Hi Keven,Check this site out it will help out.

    Cheers John

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    It is an excellent idea to remove as much as you can from the Start, Programs, Startup folder.

    If you do this in Windows Explorer (the folder is in the Windows folder) then you can create another folder in the Programs folder and drag the shortcuts from Startup to there. That way you can still use the programs whenever you want, they just won't start up when the computer is turned on.

    If you don't use the programs at all then you are best to uninstall them the way Nathan has described. DON'T under any circumstances just delete the programs' folders in Win Explorer!

    Personally I don't recommend preventing ALL programs from starting up by going to msconfig. As far as you are able to, I believe it is better to use the program settings to do the job whenever there is an option for this. Usually you will find something in the program's Tools, Options, Startup or somewhere similar for you to uncheck. Have a really good look in there first and use msconfig as a last resort.

    Come back here if you have more questions.

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