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    I spend a bit of time in Yahoo chat but one thing really pisses me off.
    It is a flashing message alert. If you click any button even minimize it goes to which is some stuff for fat people.
    I cant even grab it by the title bar and shift it.
    I suppose it is a virus but I update my NAV and I have a pop up stopper.
    I have searched for info on google but it just says it is a banner advertisment what ever that means.
    Does anyone know how to stop this anoying furking thing?

    Ted Heath

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    Don't expect a reply if you can't use civil language. This isn't one of your chat rooms.

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    From the sounds of things, it's exactly what you say it is - a banner advertisement. They're part of the page, you can't close it, its not a new window to be closed. Most big sites have them (even pressf1 has them - look at the top of this page... see the ad at the top? that's a banner ad) You're either going to need an ad-blocker, or do what most people do - ignore them.


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    I would say it is the NEW YAHOO service.

    I have used yahoo for years, now they want to charge for pop access(US$) and adverts come up a lot more often, so I'm off to someone else.

    PS. does anyone know who provides free pop access? I know hotmail.

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    lighten up wuppo

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    Ad blocking software exists?
    Any help on a good program?

    Ted Heath

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