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    Default Win XP - Windows Autoupdate

    What do I have to do to turn on the Windows Autoupdate in Windows XP, rather than having to go to every time I want to make sure I'm fully updated. I know this feature was in Win ME, and I'm *fairly* certain it's in Win XP as well, but I can't find a way to turn it on (and I know for sure its not working quietly in the background).


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    Goto <Control Panel> <Performance and Maintenance> <Administrative Tools> <Computer Management> Open 'Services' Rightclick 'Automatic Updates' select 'Properties' and select 'Automatic' for 'Startup Type'

    Phew! - Bring back CP/M - it wasn't difficult to remember it's 4 intrinsic commands!

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    Thanks Wuppo, it worked perfectly.


    PS now I'm gonna figure out what the rest of the stuff in that Computer Management thing do

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