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    Default DVD copied to CD won't play...

    Hi all,

    A friend had a copy of a dvd movie on his hard drive and made a copy onto cd for me. Unfortunately, Windows Media Player 7 wants to play it but only produces sound. No picture. I've tried right clicking the file to choose 'Open with' but its not there to change it from Media Player to WinDVD. I've opened WinDVD and looked for the file to add to playlist but nothing happens. I have a VCD that plays automatically with WinDVD upon insertion. Any suggestions?

    Running XP Pro.


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    Default Re: DVD copied to CD won't play...

    Morning Graeme,

    First off you will need to have installed the on your pc the video codec that your friend used for the compression of the movie. This is most liky to be divx. So head over to

    In reguards to the 'open with..' not displaying hold down the left sjift key when right clicking open the file you wish to open.


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    Default Re: DVD copied to CD won't play...

    you need to remember, that what you have on CD-Rom is not a DVD, and is not recorded in the same format.
    If you download the divx codec as someone else suggested, you will find that WMP will be able to play the copied DVD. (assuming it was recorded in divx format - maybe you could ask your friend ?!)

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    Default Re: DVD copied to CD won't play...

    Microsoft have done something with the newer versions of Media Player too. WMP7 that ships with XP for example wontplay alot of divx's properly (sound only, no video, shows as being 10-12 hours long) even with all the correct codec's loaded. Same movies will play fine on the same machine with an alternative player.

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