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    Default Norton Anti Virus

    I want to format my hdd and reinstall everything again.
    I have all the original disks except NAV which was preinstalled on my computer.
    I bought my computer from Macrocom computers who have since gone bust.
    The questions I have are: Can I save the program off the harddrive to a CD and reinstall it later. Or could I move it to my partioned D drive, do my thing on C and move it back.
    I dont know why but NAV updates itself and runs sweet although it has been on my computer over 2 years.
    So I am loath to uninstall it if I cant reinstall it.


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    Default Re: Norton Anti Virus

    No, you cannot move it and place it bac, or copy it to CD. When the program installs, it makes a lot of registry entries, and changes to other files which you cannot copy. The program will not work if you act as planned.

    You might find that the program is an extra on one of the other CD's that came with the comp, like the bios CD, or something like that.

    You could also use a free Av instead, or buy a new copy.

    G P

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    Default Re: Norton Anti Virus

    I was in that boat last December and I found the NAV installation files on a CD inside an envelope that said 'Do not open unless instructed by a support engineer'.

    Out of desperation I finally opened it for the first time and presto! I found all the installation files for the pre-installed programs on it.

    Have a real good look through all the disks (ie put them in your machine and examine the files in Explorer) that you got with the machine and you might be just as lucky.

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: Norton Anti Virus

    Thanks for replying Graham and Susan.
    What is the bios cd?.


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    Default Re: Norton Anti Virus

    Your system is like an upside down triangle with windows on the top and then dos underneath and finally bios as the base. Bios is the primary system that it all operates on and the people that sold you the computer should hopefully have given you the cd with some utilities to run your bios and tweak the motherboard etc. LEAVE the tweaks alone.....very nasty if you dont know what you are doing.....anyway hopefully if you have that cd then it will also contain your Norton anti virus....but be warned reinstalling may reset your expiry date for update....mine has expired many times now and somehow its just gone back up to 300+ days again so you never know.

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