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    I have a new Toshiba Sattellite notebook with a DVD drive, PAL port, etc. Is it possible to connect this to a TV, and if so... how? Many thanks!

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    No problems here - yes it will display on your TV, but the image is likely to be very grainy since the PC uses a scan converter to change to a composite video signal.
    Plug a single RCA cable from the (yellow?) socket of your laptop to the AV input of your TV (may have one on the front of the TV if you are lucky)
    Select the AV or input button on your TV remote.
    On you laptop you will have an icon down by the clock re display properties. Right click it and it should give you some options with checks next to them. Check the TV item, and you should be away.
    For further adjustment look at the Display Properties - Settings - Advanced tabs for more ideas.

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