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    Default Timer Disconections

    Hi I was just wondering does n e 1 no how to make windows xp automatically disconect a dial-up conection at a certain time.
    If n e 1 could tell me it would b much aprechiated
    Thanks allot

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    Default Re: Timer Disconections

    Just after a specified time, or a period of idle-ness?

    For idle-ness, it is the same in other versions of windows. Just click 'settings' on the dialup box, click 'settings' (or something to that affect), then click 'advanced'. There should be a tickbox and a textbox to type a period of minutes to disconnect after being idle.

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    Default Re: Timer Disconections

    Na sorry about the confusion i knew about disconecting after a period of idle-ness i was wanting to know about disconecting at a certian time.

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    Default Re: Timer Disconections

    Some downloading programmes might have timers of some sort.... i know most can hang up when they finish a file.

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