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    Default Help with Backup please

    I am still getting my head round this computer. I have Windows 98SE, IE6. Outlook Express. I don`t have a CD writer. I do have Microsoft Backup (Seagate Software) if I backup all my computer through this will it be of any use if the Computer crashes or hard drive dies etc. I do have all the CD`s that came with the Computer for installing the different programmes. Any advice would be greartly appreciated

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    Hi Iris

    Most people just backup their critical data, though some also save an image of their operating system and programming installation to restore quickly from a major meltdown.

    Problem is, while these are viable options for recovering from a crash, they are no help if your HD fails as all your eggs are in the one basket, so to speak.

    The only way to protect yourself against a HD failure is to back up your critical data to an external drive such as a Zip disk or to have a second hard drive installed so that you can store backups inside your computer for quick and easy restoration.

    While not suggesting that you go this far, I have three drives, C: for operating system and programs, D: for data and E: for further backup storage. I keep a backup image of C: on D: and a backup of D: on C: so that no matter which disk fails, I can be back in action in less than 60 minutes. Drive E: containing the spare copies is removable so that I can store it off site if going away.

    Note that separate disks are required to achieve full backup protection, separate C & D partitions on the one hard drive are no help at all if the whole disk dies.

    If your computer is not mission critical, I'd just keep regular data backups on Zip disks (100 or 230 Mb) or Imation LS120 120 Mb. You can always rebuild your OS and program files on a new disk.


    Billy 8-{)

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    You won't need to back up the programs that you already have the disks for. Just concentrate on backing up your own personal files that you created, eg your letters, emails, etc.

    If you have a lot of files/documents, especially pictures, you might take forever to back them all up on floppies if you don't have a CD-Writer or a Zip or tape drive.

    It would be a good idea to look at getting a CD-Writer if you have a lot to back up, not only for simplicity but also because it is a more reliable medium than floppies - they can and do fail, taking your files with them. Floppies are better than nothing though.

    As far as MS Backup is concerned, personally I would leave that and just use WinZip or another zipping utility (usually one on the PC World disks) to compress your files and regularly copy them to floppies. They can then be used on any alternative machine if your own goes belly up.

    Do remember to backup your Favorites, emails (*.dbx folders) and your address book.

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    That`s what I like about this page, there is always someone ready to help those of us who are less confident with computers and we are never made to feel complete morons.
    Thanks for the detailed replies. If anyone else posts an answer to my query, hopefully they will accept this as my thanks as well.

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