We have a directory containing about 1000 powerpoint files of hymns used for projecting through a video projector in church services.
Each file is named with the first line of the hymn and a sequential number e.g:
Abide with me 983.ppt
In windows explorer they come up in alphabetical order
If you use File find and type in 'abide with me' (without the quotation marks)it will 'list' many files with no relationship to the name, but not the file you want.
If you search for 983 it will find the right file and that one only. (The numbers are a holdover from the previous manual system and have only been added because the ordinary file find is not working--we want to do away with numbering as soon as we can.)
If you type in a *.ppt wildcard as file name and type in the Abide with me in the Containing Text box it will find the right file, but slowly (time is important as even seconds seem like minutes when people are waiting for a song to come up on the screen)

Has anyone got any suggestions?