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    just formatted my hard drive and was in the act of getting my PC back to its former state of glory, now while installing the soundblaster live drivers for my soundcard I accidentally installed everything (when this is you 8th piece of software you start to pay less attention) there was some conflict while installing it, and after reseting it seemed to finish fine... but when I try to remove soundblaster live so I can put just the drivers on, it comes up with 'c:\program files\sblive\sblive.isu is not valid or the data has been corrupted uninstallation will not continue' pops up. I am running win ME, & had the standard 4 in 1 via drivers before installing the creative software. I am a moderatly capable PC person, but not briliant, also everyhing I have is backed up which means I am in no way afraind to try any & all sugestions. my forst post too, so be gentle ;-)

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    Okay, you could remove it using Super Rabit Magic Set from my website ( or, simply remove the directory using windows explorer, i would reccomend the former though, and then windows explorer as asecond option. Have you tried re-installing it over the top of itself?
    Hope this helps

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    I'm running sblive but on 98se and have never used win me, but what I could suggest is to try the add/remove option.

    Clicking on sound blaster live! gives u the option to tick what u want to get rid of.

    Hope this helps

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    thanks all, didnt work, there must have been really corrupted, I just reformatted agin. thanks for the suggestions

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