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    Default domain registration agents - any recomendations?

    I was about to register a domain for a project with a freind of mine who is wonderful at layout, which is something i am not. I went to interspeed, who traditionaly have provided a good deal for me, but no more!
    If i breathed near those people, it would now cost me another $XX, this is not quite what i wanted.
    Does anyone know of a good registration agent, and what are the costs?
    I allready have a domainz account for exsisting domains registered under my name.

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    Default Re: domain registration agents - any recomendations?

    Before registering a name you need a host. If you haven't got one I can suggest the following:

    Go to (NZ company on the North Shore). They do not register domain names for you but give a step-by-step guide to doing it yourself at Domainz.

    If you ask an ISP to register a domain name for you and then you pay them - they may end up owning the name. If you do it yourself - you own it.

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    Default Re: domain registration agents - any recomendations?

    I have a host.. me! This machine is on the end of a cable modem and is on 24/7, with a static IP. The hosting side of it will not be a problem, unless we start to get real amounts of traffic. The only part of it that is a problem is the registration proceedure itself. Hopefully will help me negotiate through the domainz maze.

    I just checked the page, and they are not intirely helpful. Quote: ' has reluctantly withdrawn registration of .nz names until a shared registry system is adopted in New Zealand.' I think i shall finish waking up, have breakfast, and then check it out. It sounds like i might be able to park it with them atleast. Last year it was so simple!

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